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Come Support Lighthouse!

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 Stephen Herrmann
 IslesNation.Com Blogger

"Isles/Devils game on the 21st; a lot of fans are trying to make the game a white out in support of the Lighthouse, so wear your white jerseys, t-shirts and spread the word out to every one going to the game.

Slogans would be nice on a T-shirt or a sign (NO LIGHTHOUSE=NO VOTES). If some of you would be nice to buy cheap white T-shirts and just hand them out to other fans at the game that didn't get the word that would be awesome."

-----Mike Pelegrinis

Check out Mikes 'event invite' on Facebook. It's labeled "White out for the LIGHTHOUSE". Make sure to check it out for details and comments, as well as to find out who else is attending.

I will be attending tomorrow's game i will be in the blog box. I will be running around interviewing for the site. So if you want your voice heard, stop by and I'll start rolling the camera. I'll be in the Blog Box, once again.

We plan to make a Light House LI video to help promote and show the politicians what we want.

If you're a true fan and want to keep the Isles on Long Island, be sure to fill the Coliseum tomorrow night. SHOW UP, SUPPORT THE TEAM, AND THE SUPPORT THE LIGHTHOUSE!!!!!!!



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